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Wunder Blog : Weather Underground

Wunder Blog : Weather Underground

Posted By: ForecasterColby at 10:16 PM GMT on May 19, 2006.

CO2 has been many times higher at previous points in earth's history. Guess what? The planet is still here. Life adapted. And it will again. If you want to talk climate change, we're actually in almost the COOLEST time in Earth's history.

A due diligent search for CO2 levels going back 600,000 years is unable to find any global levels higher than today. The historical record is still being searched further back in time, and science is not finished yet. Nothing in 600,000 years supports any claim that CO2 was higher and that life was peachy with higher CO2.

"If you want to talk climate change, we're actually in almost the COOLEST time in Earth's history."

Are you under the impression that Earth is "cooler" now than 13,000 years ago when ice sheets still covered vast portions of the Northern hemisphere, and wooly mammouths roamed the norther plains? What a strange definition of "cooler" you have.

"CO2 is an essential gas for life. Now some people who can't look at the data say it's going to kill us all. Imagine if people believe them - how many things would be needlessly retricted then?"

You are quoting from an advertisement produced by an organization funded by Exxon Oil, Koch Oil and Scaife Oil fortune money. It is pure propaganda with no truthful contents.

Water is an essential of life too, but the chief loss of life from hurricanes is not wind damage but excess water flooding. Anything in excess is deadly -- would you prefer to be crushed to death by ten tons of lead or ten tons of feathers, or does it make any difference which ten tons crushes you to death? Feathers are not light when there are ten tons of them.

The organization which produced this television advertisement is known to be involved in felony fraud deceptions of the body politic. Every single one of the chief perpetrators is known to be associated with multiple criminal fraud activities. In some cases the funders come from organized crime families stretching back two, three and four generations.

Scaife's money, as an example comes from family investments in Spindletop that produced Gulf Oil Corporation. The forefather banker Mellon was involved in the mass killing of 2,209 souls at the Johnstown Flood. Scaife became a Rockefeller-in-law by corporate marriage in 1984 when Gulf Oil was merged into Chevron, thereby trading in his Gulf Oil stocks for Chevron Oil stocks.

Koch Oil has been one of the pollutingest corporations in America, and that goes back a generation to father Fred Koch who co-founded the John Birch Society. It's not hard to find out the story of the Koch Industries: just ask google:
Results 1 - 100 of about 41,600 for Koch Industries Fined.
Results 1 - 100 of about 97,400 for Koch Industries Organized Crime.

Exxon was born in crime, with a history of frauds that go back to the 1870s with John D. Rockefeller's many illegal actions and creating numerous corporate front operations to conceal the subversion of America he accomplished. Rockefeller was also involved in mass destruction of life with 2,000 souls lost in the Standard Oil War with The Pennsylvania Railroad in 1877. History has been completely whitewashed about the corporate warfare underlying this tragedy. In 1914 Rockefeller sent in his gunmen with four machineguns spraying bullets for four hours into a striker's camp killing men, wives and children in the Ludlow Massacre. Two days later US marines were spraying machineguns in Tampico, Mexico, putting down those uppity people who threatened interference with two of Standard Oil businesses there.

WHO PAID FOR THIS BRAINWASH AD? Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Competitive Enterprise Institute has received $1,735,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998.
Koch Oil Grants to CEI = $666,420.
Scaife Oil Fortune Grants to CEI = $1,800,000.

Wholly controlled front operation owned by CEI: Consumer Alert
Consumer Alert has received $70,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998.
Funded by Exxon, Amoco, Chevron, Philip Morris, and American Petroleum Institute, Texaco, Texaco Foundation...

CEI spawned Consumer Alert which spawned COOLER HEADS COALITION as a fossil fuel astroturf front operation.
This astroturf group calls global warming science "scare stories" and funds the Web site, with a bi-weekly update called "May Cooler Heads Prevail." Consumer Alert's networking project, the National Consumer Coalition, formed the so-called Cooler Heads Coalition in May, "to dispel the myths of global warming." Cooler Heads is run by a vice president from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a longtime sponsor of the Wise Use movement. Funded by: American Cyanamid, Chemical Manufacturers Association, Chevron, Monsanto, Philip Morris, and other big corporations.[source]