Saturday, March 26, 2005

The NORDIC Racial Type: HITLER'S ROLE MODELS -- Vikings: Slavers, Butcherers, Plunderers.

The NORDIC Racial Type: HITLER'S ROLE MODELS -- Vikings: Slavers, Butcherers, Plunderers.

Hitler did not revere "ARYANS": he killed over 20,000,000 of them. His heros were the NORDIC TYPE, the German emegrants who moved to the Norselands and became Vikings. He worshipped their culture and emulated it.

Hitler was a robber. He looted Europes gold. He was a rapist, murderer and slaver, just like the Vikings.

Hitler's goal was to ESCAPE from the binds of the Judeo-Christrian culture which frowns on those things. His early target was the Jews, but there is no doubt the Christians would get their turn in the gas chambers. The Jews were fewer and weaker -- a place to start. Nazis already had attacked the Christians in many ways, but so long a they could be defiled to collaborate they were spared, just as the camps spared collaborators (for a time).

There are five unknown threads weaving through the Holocaust:
(1) The Jews were Hitler's enemy not for their race, but for their religion
(2) Sociopathy exists and needs no excuses to do evil
(3) Hitler was organized crime more than a mademan
(4) The Holocaust had to wait until the Hitler Youth class of 1933 graduated
(5) There were people with "Nazi Minds" (the American-Nazi Axis) inside the US Government.

#1: Without the Jews there is no Christianity. Destruction of the Jews was a first step towards destruction of religion.

#2: Sociopathy is a contagious mental disease, passed down in generations, passed sideways through culture The depraved corrupt the vulnerable. Religion is their enemy, insisting on moral codes (the "Golden Rule"). The Holocaust has 20,000,000 examples of how people were corrupted and dragged down. Each generation bloodies the hands of the next. The average age of soldiers in Vietnam was 19; the average age of SS death camp guards was 20.

#3: The Hitler Gang was organized crime. While muggers can get your wallet, nations that are crooks can get your business, bank accounts and even the gold in your teeth. The most certain way that victims of crime cannot get revence is to leave no witnesses, leave no living victims. Whatever part the Final Solution played in the plans, it began only after years of massive criminal victimizations and thefts.

#4: The Hitler Youth had 7 years to work on the kids before Poland was invaded; and five more years after that on younger ones. Until a whole generation was indoctrinated, the Holocaust was not feasible.

#5: Germany was in a depressed state, with massive unemployment, yet Hitler had more than a million troops in uniform when he came to power -- private troops. The "Storm Troopers" were a private army with 4,500,000 men at its peak. Who paid these bills? We know only a small amount of it, some german industrialists, some party dues (from the unemployed?), and some Wall Street money. We have traced funds from some of America's best known families, including the Bush forefathers, into Hitler's pockets.

These five threads tell a very different story than the history books and hollywood. Because it happened once it is a precedent. They mostly got away with it, with very few actually punished -- George W. Bush executed 152 prisoners during 6 years as governor, but Nuremburg only executed a couple dozen. The Military Tribunals at Dachau actually only executed about 200 for the crime of murder of over 52,000,000 deaths in WWII. Because they got away with it, they have done it again and again. The latest is over 100,000 unarmed civilians collateral damage in Iraq.