Monday, March 07, 2005

Hitler Killed More Aryans Than Jews... and Bush Family made a Killing helping him... Racial Hate Library Page.

Hitler Killed More Aryans Than Jews... and Bush Family made a Killing helping him... Racial Hate Library Page.

Hitler Killed
More Aryans
than Jews...

... And, unless George Bush is Jewish, then it was Aryan Bankers on Wall Street who set the whole thing up, because two Bush lily-white forefathers were Hitler bankers through nazi financier Frederich Thyssen. Yup, jews were the fall guys, but the International Banking that started both World Wars was mostly W.A.S.P. Wall Street investors. Hitler turned out to be a fall guy too, quite willing, mind you, but never-the-less, his reward and profit was a brief 12-year Reich, followed by sucking the same cyanide as Zyklon B in his hidely-hole and a bullet rattling around inside his skull. His non-heroic corpse was incinerated like a heap of trash, in fact, exactly like over a million anonymous jews were disposed of in a fiery pit. The Wall Street crowd walked away with billions of dollars.

Aryans have a mighty hard time finding something to admire in this -- over 20,000,000 Aryans were exterminated: on the battlefields, from bombings, from starvations aftermath of war chaos. The guesses of the total dead vary widely, from a low of 9,000,000 Germans, up to a high likely theatre total of 20,000,000. You understand the ARAL sea, from which the ARYAN name comes, is near the CAUCASUS mountain chain (where "caucasians" get their name).

A lot of that caucasian blood was in the Russian ranks (because the Aral/Caucasus area are in Russia), along with over 30 other nationality groups. If "Nordic" blood is so sacred, what's with the war on NORWAY? Other NORSE heritage groups came under the blitzkrieg as well, such as Finland, Denmark and Holland, all filled with Viking "Norse" blood from ancestoral rapes and pillages. We want to make very certain that "racial purity" was not a real part of the Nazi plan by telling you these things. The real goal was Organized Crime Heist of the Century.

Unlike heroic kings and emperors in Germany of old, Hitler never lead from the front, never got close to actual combat.

"In August 1918, he received the iron cross first class, a rarity for foot soldiers. Interestingly, the lieutenant who recommended him for the medal was a Jew, a fact Hitler would later obscure. Despite his good record and a total of five medals, he remained a corporal. Due to his unmilitary appearance and odd personality, his superiors felt he lacked leadership qualities and thought he would not command respect as a sergeant." Corporal Hitler's first war.