Sunday, March 13, 2005

Busting corrupt scientists - The Destruction of Science By Organized Crime

Busting corrupt scientists - The Destruction of Science By Organized Crime

The Destruction of Science By Organized Crime

Because of the recent 60th anniversary of the nazi Auschwitz Murder Camp I revisited the web offerings on the Holocaust. I soon found that there are over 1,500,000 links to the Bush forefathers involvement in the rise of Hitler to Power. As I toured the online evidences of murderous experiments and bizarre science practices by nazi "eugenic" (the word means creating a master race by breeding selected specimens together, PLUS extermination of those unworthy mouths to feed), I felt I had to investigate and verify the charges.

Previously I had encountered the names of organized crime science hoaxers formerly employed by the Tobacco Serial Murder Corporations, and I reported those here and on a website I maintain. Some of the same families were involved in Serial Murders on a wholesale scale in the name of eugenics, with Hitler actually learning how from Americans.

I reported my findings on the Bush-Hitler financial webs in a series of publications on my website, and of interest to this readership were collections on Auschwitz Medical Experiments and especially Josef Mengele. The connections to the Bush Family elders was indisputable.

The TRUE STORY of World War II is nothing like the hollywood mythologies or the pablum the feed in public schools. I have been assembling a bibliography of over 1,000 books which help explain every aspect of the Genocidal Mind, which feels that unfit populations can be extermined at will, how slavery is merely an extension of dog or horse ownership and breeding practices, how corporations cloak their worldwide activities (and the many books which record that these cloaks often fail to hide the facts very long).

In other words, the data is solid, verified by numerous reliable sources, and published with copies filed in the Library of Congress and bookstores or local libraries everywhere. I was able to locate many of the books in my local library system.

What this present article is about is the announcement of a better organization of these pages. I created Table of Contents, with reduced-size images of the webpages initial screen contents. From these selector pages one can view a page thumbnail before clicking on the link to go there. This helps know if one has visited that page before, or if one missed that page in the past..

The first of two page selector Table of Contents is:

This page is the gateway to 25 pages indexed on the modern Organized Crime science fraud operations deceiving the body politic about CO2 pollution effects on the future of life on earth. This organized crime effort is sponsored by 6 billionaires heavily invested in poison & pollution industries, whom often collaborate on projects, or hire front organs to issue propaganda campaigns from their fellows.

The second set of pages is accessed by it's own Table of Contents Page Selector: