Monday, February 28, 2005

Sociopathy --An Infectous Mental Disease often passed down in wealthy families, including George Bush Family.

Sociopathy --An Infectous Mental Disease often passed down in wealthy families, including George Bush Family.

Sociopathy --
An Infectous Mental Disease often passed down in wealthy families.

If John D. Rockefeller, Sr., had his own beliefs applied to himself he would have been tortured, and then gased like an unloved stray dog in a pound. That's what nazis did to millions of others when they applied the theories funded by Rockefeller money.

John D. believed in elimination of the 'unfit'. He believed in building a better human race by extermination of the bottom tenth, the least worthy. Rockefeller believed in Eugenics.

John D. Rockefeller was not alone of the moguls of Wall Street to believe in, fund, plan for, and carry out plans for wholesale populations disposals -- he was joined by his brother William and nephew Percy, his son John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Andrew Carnegie, E.H. Harriman's widow and offspring E. Roland Harriman and W. Averell Harriman, Henry Ford, "Corn Flakes" inventor Kellogg, and many other famous names. Unfamous at the time, Samuel Prescott Bush, and George Herbert Walker (both grandfathers to G.H.W. Bush and great-grandfather to George "Dubya" Bush) taught these eugenics values to their families, as history has shown.

John D. Rockefeller was the son of a viciously abusive mother who beat him with sticks frequently. His father was alleged leader of a horse-thief gang, travelling snake oil salesman, a bigamist ultimately buried under a false identiy he used with his second family, and a sadist. In short, father William Rockefeller was a type of a "Jukes", a sociopath who taught criminal values to his offspring -- exactly what the eugenicists wanted to sterilize out of existence. Wild Bill Rockefeller would have been sterilized under the laws passed a generation later by his son's monied elite. Over 70,000 Americans in 26 states were sterilized for reasons allowed by law of "feeble minded", "epilepsy", and "other". John D. Sr. and Jr.'s crowd helped pass those laws.

Frankly, sterilization was too slow. War was a much faster method of extermination of large masses of surplus human beings. Not only could you get the victims of war to pay for their own killings, but you could make rich profits off those lucky survivers who lived as well. Rockefellers and friends, including the Walker-Bush patriarchs and their scion Prescott Sheldon Bush, made fortunes funding all sides of WWI and WWII.

All this would be dry old history if not for the Bush Dynastic presidencies. Currently there is a resident of the White House brought up in this family tradition of liquidating populations for war profiteering, for racist cleansing, for removal of the weak, for applied social darwinistic predation.

This essay will not introduce all the characters of tell all the details. There are walls of shelves in the national archives, in the Library of Congress, and plenty in local libraries or bookstores which do that. This effort is to put something on the internet which helps point out resources for understanding the multi-generational planning of genocide by committed eugenists. The nazi era is the most conspicuous, most written about episode, but mass murders, genocides, have been sponsored by weathy meddling and scheming on all continent.

It will never end until the genocidal mind has been learned, studied, and outwitted.